enchanting verses logoThe Enchanting Verses Literary Review has been publishing English poetry and poetry related essays, books reviews and translations since 2007. The magazine also works in collaboration with the oldest surviving print magazine of Macedonia -Stremež Literary Magazine. Founded by Indian poet Sonnet Mondal, the magazine has been guest edited in the past by Marc Vincenz, Brentley Frazer, Robert Masterson, Colleen S. Harris, Helene Cardona, Peycho Kanev and Sukrita Paul Kumar. Other editorial board members include Ute Margaret Saine, Jovica Eternijan and Koketso Marishane.

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2015 Award winners:

Gail Dendy and Philip Fried

Link: http://www.theenchantingverses.org/2015.html


Poets in Issue XXI edited by Marc Vincenz

Zvonko Taneski, Mia Avramut, F.J. Bergmann, Shaindel Beers, Tom Bradley, Rae Desmond Jones, Keith Flynn, Ming Di, Laura Orem, Anne Elezabeth Pluto, Bernd Sauermann, Michael Ruby, Mark Statman, Larissa Shmailo, Ocean Vuong, Randi Ward, Edward Wells, II, Jennifer Reeser, Liao Yiwu, Felino A. Soriano, Michael Gillan Maxwell, Gabriel Arnou-Laujeac, Hélène Cardona and T Thilleman.

Link: http://www.theenchantingverses.org/issue-xxi-february-2015.html


Upcoming issue: India special issue guest edited by Abhay K